Metropolitan came to us looking for a creative way to sell their funeral cover plans. Metropolitan has been in the market for over 30 years, and offers a funeral plan that has not changed much over the years. Our main objective was to sell the funeral cover in a new and innovative way that appealed to a broad target audience, and increase leads to their inbound call center.


We needed to grab the consumers’ attention and make them aware of the realities of death, both emotional and financial.

In some African cultures, speaking about death before it happens is seen as taboo, thus our challenge was to address an issue that is not often spoken about. Our approach was to make the consumers realise that, even though the issue is not one that many like to talk about, their family and friends may have a number of real questions that do need answering. In a bold attempt to make this insight a reality to the consumer, we used family members and their legitimate questions to confront the issue.


We decided, that because the reader was essentially being confronted with real truths from real family members, we needed to evoke an emotional reaction through the use of questions that were relevant to them. For this reason, we casted a daughter, a wife, and a mother with tailored questions and scenarios depending on the specific publication and the demographic of the reader. These questions were hard-hitting and provoked the thought of death, and the need to plan for it now.

With Metropolitan, you can find the answers to these difficult questions.


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